North Wraxall Pre-School

Nurturing and affordable childcare for ages 2+ 

in a countryside setting near Marshfield, Chippenham

"My daughter has flourished at North Wraxall. She has gained confidence, developed social skills and has enthusiasm for learning."

Local parent, Colerne

Welcome to the Christmas Term at North Wraxall Preschool!... Spaces are filling up fast! Get in touch today if you are interested in joining us in January...


Welcome to North Wraxall Pre-School. 

Nestled in a quiet corner of the Wiltshire countryside, our Pre-School has been providing high-quality childcare for over 50 years. We have an exceptionally experienced and highly-qualified team who provide a caring, friendly and stimulating environment for our children. 

With a maximum capacity of just 30 children depending on the age ranges of each session and a high child-to-carer ratio, your child will receive the close attention they deserve to help build their confidence and, with our support, begin to explore the world independently. Contact us today to find out more.


We understand that each child develops at their own pace and it is our role to support this in a way which recognises each child’s individual character. We are proud of our relaxed learning environment and place great emphasis on providing a balance between the security of a predictable routine and the flexibility to accommodate different children’s needs.

Our free-flow policy allows the children to move between outdoor and indoor activities – letting their imaginations lead them.

We also believe in good food and fostering healthy eating, and provide nutritious snacks for the children during their busy day.

The setting of our Pre-School is rural and quiet.


Our fantastic outdoor space gives us a wealth of opportunities for play and learning on a daily basis, such as searching for treasure, discovering bugs, climbing amongst the trees, playing in mud, sand, water or simply playing tag.

Inside we have one large play room with activity tables that run through the day, as well as ‘Book Corner’and imaginative play areas for a mix of child-led and adult-directed play.


There is a fine balance between offering stimulating variety to interest our children, while creating a sense of security and routine to help to build their confidence.

Each morning we set the main room out with a variety of learning opportunities, sensory experiences and comforting activities. The familiarity of this welcoming sight each morning is reassuring, but also provides stimulation and excitement.

We follow the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ curriculum. Each child has the opportunity to explore a broad range of new experiences, develop skills, self-confidence and to share and play with other children.

Our ‘Rising 5’s’ session for children who will be starting school the following September is more structured and includes phonics, numbers and time as well as practical skills, e.g. the morning register and getting changed for PE. We also hold a Forest School session, which runs throughout the year in our onsite wood and is open to all.

"North Wraxall couldn't be more suitable for my 3 year old. She has the space to play freely inside and out, she receives the attention she needs from the staff and she has grown in confidence since joining."

Local parent, Summer 2020


North Wraxall Pre-School

Nurturing and affordable childcare for ages 2+ 

in a countryside setting near Marshfield, Chippenham

"My daughter has flourished at North Wraxall. She has gained confidence, developed social skills and has enthusiasm for learning."

Local parent, Colerne

"I couldn’t speak highly enough of the staff who all genuinely care about the children and know them so well. It’s like a family."

Local parent

Welcome to the Summer Term at North Wraxall Pre-School!... 

Meet the team

Our pre-school is run by a small and committed team known as the Ladies in Blue. Lily, Tamsin, Jasmine, and Chloe have a wealth of experience and, with the support of the independent Pre-School committee, have been instrumental in developing North Wraxall Pre-School into the thriving childcare setting it is today.


Children naturally gravitate towards people they like and trust, which is why we have such a dedicated group of families who support us.

Our group sizes are small which means our attention can remain focussed on close and attentive engagement wherever possible. We love helping our children to build their confidence, learn new things and explore in a safe and happy environment. Come and meet us!



Lily  is our Supervisor and strives to welcome the whole family into North Wraxall when your child joins us at Pre-School. Lily believes that play is important and teaching children to take risks will enable them to build their confidence and strive in their learning.  Through play you can enrich a child’s life with early learning and education. 


Chloe is another member of the North Wraxall Team. Chloe is passionate at providing lots of opportunities for children to learn and play. Chloe thinks that messy play is an important part of practice to encourage children to explore different media to  build their confidence 


Tamsin is our Schools Liaison Officer (SLO). Tamsin is key in helping your child get ready for school, she is teacher-trained and worked for many years in Primary Schools meaning she knows just how to help your child get ready for that big step to school. She is fun, smiley and has bundles of activities to share with the children.


Jasmine is our Forest School lead and paves the way for children to experience nurturing and exciting outdoor learning opportunities. Jasmine is caring and compassionate and these skills will be well used in her newly appointed role of SENCo (Special Educational Needs Coordinator).



Good childcare doesn't need to cost the earth. We pride ourselves on providing nurturing childcare at affordable prices with flexible hours to suit family life.


The day starts at 9am and ends at 3pm. You are invited to join us for two free settling in sessions when you first join us while your child gains confidence and becomes familiar with their new pre-school.


The morning session runs from 9am-12pm (or to 1pm to include a lunch hour) and the afternoon from 12pm-3pm (lunch hour included).

Fee structure

Our fee structure is straight-forward. Choose from 2 to 10 sessions per week, with a minimum session time of 3 hours per day (morning or afternoon):

  • £5.00/hour for 2 year-olds

  • £4.75/hour for 3 and 4 year-olds

  • Snacks are provided at a charge of 50p per session

Please note

- One session = a morning or an afternoon

- Snacks are provided at a charge of 50p per session

- Please provide a packed lunch for your child

- A non-refundable £25 registration fee applies

Free Entitlement

Eligible children over 3 years old are entitled to 15 hours or 30 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year. We are also able to cater for eligible 2 year-olds who qualify for funding.

Find out more:


Term Dates

We operate broadly in line with the standard Wiltshire Council timetable (please see the below image). We can also have up to 5 Staff Training Days, where Pre-School will be closed to children.  We use email, Social Media and our Website to inform Parents and Carers of these TD Days



Our children are given the freedom to run with the wind in their hair, get messy in the sandpit, dash through the woodland before heading back to base for a mid-morning fruit snack. It's what childhood is all about, and at North Wraxall Pre-School we are hugely fortunate to enjoy all of this in the safety of the North Wraxall Community Hall and its grounds.

Find out more about what we get up to here and don't forget to explore our Nature Trail and Mud Kitchen.

"The level of attention to her personal development at parents evening exceeded all expectations and staff are always happy to discuss progress or concerns. Both my daughter and I have been supported by them with the arrival of a sibling and with potty training."

Local parent, Colerne

Contact us

If you are interested to learn more about North Wraxall Pre-School we would love to hear from you.

We are located just outside the beautiful village of North Wraxall. We occupy the Community Hall during term time which is surrounded by fields on all sides and located on a quiet country lane. Our children love waving to the farmers ploughing their fields and making friends with the cows and sheep in the neighbouring fields!

We are 5 minutes east of Marshfield, 10 minutes west of Chippenham and 20 minutes north of Bath.

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